Monday, December 5, 2011

Curse of the royal harem

My sis was telling me "Eh Isaac's new picture very cute leh!"... I was thinking "huh? My friend Isaac?" A million thoughts went through my head... "I want go see how cute the picture is!" and "Eh, how come she will go see his picture and even notice it?"...

After 10 seconds...
I realise she was talking about our baby cousin, also named Isaac. Lol!!


My mum just finished watching TVB series Curse of the Royal Harem. I also watched bits and parts of it behind her and also followed the episode summary online. I think that it's a good show! I think Myolie is likeable in this series as she is not really Evil as her character was described to be. Although many may disagree, but throughout the series. her heart is still overall kind in nature, just somehow quite naive and spoilt. I could see that she had some sort of conscience even when she did bad things for her own benefit (isn't human's nature to be selfish?)...

Jessica's role was a kind girl at the beginning and in the end turned to a heartless person (only to people who were bad to her though... so she still had that BIT of goodness in her) after much happenings. I liked the character development for her and Myolie. The storyline was also good and I personally felt that the ending was perfect for the storyline. *Spoiler alert* Jessica did what she thought was right, and did not understand why the King disfavored her. However, the King did mention something at the end, something along the lines of 'yes, she was driven by circumstances, but she is not without a choice'. I felt that it was true. I also liked what the Empress Dowager said to Jessica before she drank the poison... About how it's like history repeating, Jessica being like Empress Dowager when she was younger, doing everything to climb up to the Queen seat, but end up is just a very lonely seat.

Go watch the series if you are free, I do think that it's worth watching! I liked Beyond The Realm Of Conscience, so I think if you liked that, you will like this series too! I love dramas that focus on character developments. I hate surface-skimming one-dimensional characters that are just villains without any depth.

Anyway, because of this drama, I got interested and researched on the different dynasties in Ancient China, and even read up about the Royal Harems, the lady costumes, court ladies, the various concubines and their characters. So interesting! I hope one day I can fly to China and visit one of the preserved royal palaces!

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