Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3 Pork Porridges

I suddenly got sick on Saturday after sharing a bowl of anyhowly (water and egg and msg and salt and sesame oil and pepper lol) cooked soup with Dad, who at that time had sore throat and I didn't realize that I shouldn't be sharing food with him. The whole family was sick at that time except me....so perhaps I shouldn't blame it on sharing the soup. Or maybe because I ate a packet of Hot & Spicy potato chips (that wasn't 'Hot & Spicy' at all...)

So anyway, up till today I'm still sick T_T

I went to the polyclinic today and I really dread going to the polyclinic near my house because since years ago, the minimum waiting time is definitely going to surpass 2 hours. Today I wasted 3 hours there.... I sometimes rather sleep off the sickness for 3 hours than sitting on the hard chair in the polyclinic for 3 hours, inhaling all the germs from the people who don't cover their mouth when they cough. Private doctor is about $40 - $60 per visit, so of course the whole neighbourhood goes to the polyclinic, which is usually less than $20. Heard from SX that the polyclinic at Seng Kang has a much shorter waiting time... around 30 minutes only. Maybe some doctors should be transferred over to our branch?

I have said this before, I really do not know why the other patients before me always take at least 20 - 30 minutes each while my stay in the doctor's room only last 2 minutes max. What are they doing inside? How come I always kena such rooms? Why haven't I, for at least once, been allocated to a room where the 10 patients before me are all common flu and cough and come out within 2 minutes max?

So anyway, after that I went to visit the cobbler near my house to repair my heels for the blog awards this weekend. I have not touched the heels for 2 years already I think, and when I took it out of my shoe rack, the platform fell off -_________-

I really do not know how my neighbourhood cobbler earns his keep. He charge around $0.20- $5 per shoe he repairs and he sits by the corner of the market every day since I was a kid. Our neighbourhood is not that big and I don't think everyone have shoes that spoil everyday. I think max he earn each day is $10 - $30 only lor!! Is that enough?

So anyway, usually he is a very good cobbler but this time he anyhow do my heels, I think I can even do a better job with my cheapo superglue lor. Plus he never align the straps properly and all that. Sigh, guess I'd have to throw this one away and find another pair of shoes for the awards night. So excited! Hope my sickness can go away just in time.....

For lunch I ate pork porridge, and I told the uncle I want to add egg. He never add lor! Lucky I mixed the porridge and checked! When I went back to say, the auntie add the egg in just like that!! The porridge is not burning hot by then, can like that meh? Later the egg can't cook how? But I also did not say anything I just eat it up.... :/

So just now, SX came to my house and bought a packet of pork porridge for me together with some healing tea. Later dad is gonna cook pork porridge for dinner. Hahaha 3 bowls of pork porridge for me today and nothing else~

Speaking of porridge, we had teochew porridge buffet at Windsor Hotel and we were the only customers there lol. But they didn't even have salted egg!! Isn't that one of the staple? There was prawn, steam fish, steam pork, etc though... For dinner it is $12.80++ per person... I though that it was quite cheap because if we eat at those teochew porridge stall outside, it is also about the same price. But I feel that eating porridge buffet is damn bohua because after 2 rounds max, you feel too full to continue! Plus the spread is not that amazing, just normal stuff that you eat with porridge... Don't think we will go back again~

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