Friday, December 30, 2011

Touristy stuff at Malaysia

Nuffnang KL Trip Day 2, Part 1!

By the time we got back to the hotel the previous night, we only have a few hours to sleep before we had to wake up to have breakfast at 8.30AM, according to the itinerary. I didn't sleep well although the bed was super comfy, but I managed to prepare and rush down to breakfast with Benjamin and Randy at 9am! Not too late lah hor? Haha. 30 minutes left to savor the hotel's buffet breakfast!!!!

Benjamin's western breakfast plate with egg benedicts! I love them usually but this one was cold :( Plus don't have bacon!

Pancake and waffle~

Not including the egg benedicts, I ordered another 3 type of eggs - Scrambled, Sunny side up, and omelette! Hahah I super love eggs-for-breakfast.

They cracked two eggs into one sunny side up! Love love!

Tried the noodle soup after getting tempted by Randy's.

You are the apple of my eye~~~~

On the bus again to do touristy stuff~!

What's so fascinating about my hair? Hahaha. His expression damn funny lah! Can't stop laughing whenever I see this picture!

First stop, National Palace, according to the itinerary. I think they forgot to print one more word - "Gate". Lol. We are not allowed to enter beyond the gates, so what we only see the gate, the driveway, and a cluster of clueless tourists standing around taking pictures. Haha. Heard that the premise will be open for public next year though...

Mum & Me!

After rounds of photo-taking, it was back into the car to head to our next destination!

Clara & Noel~

Nadia & David~

Randy & Ben~

Next stop was the National Monument...

Me, Hongpeng, Clara & Thiang! Thiang say that I look intimidating at first... Will meh?!

Mum said that she took pictures with these statues when she was a kid! And nope, I'm not related to the other two in the picture. haha very difficult to get picture without other people inside because there were so many other people around!

Sorry pictures not in sequence. Lol. And I can't think of any caption for most of the pictures~

Afterwards, time for lunch at KLCC! The group deciding where to eat~

Just simple Ayam Penyet for lunch!

Lots of pictures already. Continue with the rest another time! :)

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