Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lolly Lolly Oh Lollipop~~

Some days back, I did a Jipaban's photoshoot. Fun!!

Nadia was there before me, so we took a few pictures before she left. I love the dress and bow on her!

We are holding Jipaban lollipops hahaha cute right!

Don't you love those wedges? ^^

2nd outfit dressed up by Jipaban :) Totally different type of look.

And this is my favorite outfit out of all! Very suitable for my red hair right?

Check out those shoes *gasp*


I really like how it's like a one-stop place for me to get everything! Books, accessories, stationary, apparels, shoes, etc etc! From now till Christmas, they have a gift guide for both male and female!

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