Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blink 826!

Just finished resizing a few batches of photos to blog about but uploading got some problem so I guess I shall forgo my plan of blogging a long entry tonight!

I spent almost the whole day sorting the pictures because the computer is so slow! Sometimes I wonder if the problem is that we increased our expectations of speed over time or computers are really getting laggy. It's really frustrating when your brain wants to do something but the machine you are using is moving slower than you by a million minutes. I feel like 1/10 of my time in front of the computer is spent doing real work and 9/10 of the time is staring frustratedly at the screen waiting for the loading bar that is not moving at all.

Maybe doing some charity will help.

In line with the festive season, Cliqee is currently having a fundraising collaboration with Metta Welfare Association, whereby it will give consumers the opportunity to donate Gift Packs to the children benefiting from Metta.. The Gift Packs would then be delivered to the respective centres, and distributed to the children.

Priced at $9.90, every Gift Pack will consist of:
1x Christmas Hat with LED lights
1x Stationery Set

On top of that, Cliqee will be donating 50cents to Metta for every pack bought for donation.

Miss Singapore Universe, Valerie will be participating in the ground work of the project (packing of gifts, visiting of the student care centre)... Do your part too~! Check out the poster here: generously sponsored me 3 more boxes of '826' after they knew I really like it! It fits perfectly and I think I've finally found a suitable eyelash for myself. Most of the time when I buy from outside stores, even if the lash is really good, I won't remember where to find back the exact same one because I buy from so many different stores! It's good to have, an online shop so that I can remember which one I bought!

If you can see from the picture above, my red hair fade already! A lot of people have been telling me that red dye fade easily..... I think it is also because immediately after my dye session, I was caught in the rain. Besides that, I also wash my hair every day. For the first few days, my towel turned from white to pink haha. Tomorrow I'm going to try and dye bright red again.... This time, I think I will heed the stylist's advice to not wash my hair for at least 24 hours.

Actually I really miss my previous light hair color.....

I've been looking at old pictures of myself... which is some time last year, when I had dark brown hair... I think I was thinner back then, or maybe it's the hair color, I looked so much better! But I don't think I should go back to dark brown now... or should I? It's so blah and boring!

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