Friday, January 27, 2012

Of dreams and hopes

And so, the squid picture looks revolting as the top entry so this entry's sole purpose is just to push that entry down.

After two awful years, I did not dare to look at my zodiac horoscope during this lunar new year. It would have been depressing to know that this year was going to be bad as well. I think I would rather not know. At least it keeps the hope alive. I prefer to read horoscope that encourages, say the good things, and give advices to block the bad, rather than those that directly say what bad things will happen to you this year.

For example... I'd rather hear "You need to control your temper this year and spend less on unnecessary things" than "You will quarrel with alot of people this year and will go bankrupt because you keep buying new shoes". Right?

An outfit I wore for shopping some time back:

Dress from
Sandals from Rubi

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