Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Before i start blabbering my usual random nonsense, here's something serious i want to ask. Can someone tell me more about PayPal or other more famous internet bank transaction services? How to use, and how much i have to pay? Tell me as much as you know. thanks!

it's my first Off-Day today and it seems that i have so much things to do at home. haha. and yes, i made a new blogskin for submission to since i guess i wont have much time for the next afew weeks.

the link:
do help to rate, download and favourite it if you have a blogskin account alright? thanks alot!

New arrivals came in yesterday at FashionLab and while packing the stocks, we couldn't resist our temptations and flew to the fitting room one by one to try on the new apparels before hanging them up for customers. haha. i fell in love with this dress and NICE daddy bought it for me. Alright, it was actually labelled as a top, but since it could cover my butt decently, i shall wear it as a dress. heee.

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$39. Orange Or Green.
Oh ya. FashionLab has also chosen another one of the new arrivals for the salesgirls to use as a uniform.... and the best thing is, they are giving those uniforms to us temporary staffs too! =D yay. now i wont have to wear all black everyday. *opens champagne*

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i've been attracted to Paris Hilton's 'Nothing In This World' for quite some time, but have never got around to watching it's music video. Found it today and although i feel the lyrics are super-unrelated to the video, i love it anyway. (especially the part when the boy walked into the school with Paris Hilton. heee)

Dare to Dream.

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