Monday, January 22, 2007

Today's OFF-DAY again!

i remember having alot of things to blog about, but i instantly forgot about them after opening this blogger window. grr!

Shunlai told me he read this online story that day and he has been pestering me to read it ever since. After he summarised the story, i realised that it was the same online story i read afew months ago. For those loyal readers who have been sticking with me since long ago would have known about it already. I remember stating that i cried in the midst of reading the story. haha. it's about a girl who doesn't like talking because she believes that when she curses someone, the curse would come true. A guy came along and helped her believe that it wasn't true. Like any other love story, the girl soon develop feelings for the guy. Like any korean drama, the girl found out that the guy had an illness and would die soon.

here's the trailer. and yes, it was the music of this trailer which made me fall in love with the story all over again.

the story link:
i've not read the last 3 chapters because to read it, you would have to buy the book. I hope the book that Shunlai ordered would arrive soon. wahahaha.

Anyway, i was reading Jayleif's blog justnow when i stumbled across this website where it would transform your face. Look at this!

Original photo:

this is how i would look like if im a.....

Comic character & Afro Carribean ( African?)

Baby. & Caucasian (not pretty lei...)

I looked much cuter than that when i was a baby -.-

Here's two photos to brainwash your memory of those ugly photos. haha.

try transforming yourself!

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