Tuesday, January 16, 2007

it's time to clear the thing about my English.

alright. why the sudden increased attention about how well my english is? is it THAT important? people view my blog for fun, and not because they want to learn English. so do you guys mean that people who dont use perfect english and makes grammar mistakes unqualified to blog? Excuse me, the dictionary describes blogging as: "to write an online diary". Does it include any rule that the blogger MUST use perfect english? No.

im not going to start comparing myself with other bloggers who have worse english standards than me. at least my english isn't that bad to the state that people dont understand any bit about what im blabbering about right? Grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, vocabulary mistakes, Everyone will make mistakes. You guys think i stay in front of the computer everyday whole day just to edit my blog entries and make them perfect? Sorry, but this is not an English Exam.

Im genuinely sorry if my english mistakes irritated you, but you can actually choose not to enter my blog ever again. if you dont mind, i welcome you to stay.

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