Sunday, January 7, 2007

Yes, my cbox's gone.
i deleted it. ByeBye fakers :)

i was eating KFC meals that day with my ex colleagues, when Amelia suddenly said:

Amelia: Eat too much Chicken will breast cancer one leh.
*the rest of us looked at our chicken meal, and then back at her*
David: Oii~! i eating leh. dont say breast cancer lei.
Violet: You dont need to worry la. you is boy, wont breast cancer one.

hahahaha. i wonder if eating too much chicken will really lead to breast cancer. cannot la~ my favourite meat is chicken meat leh :(

hmmms. nevertheless, i shall continue to help decrease the population of chickens. let's just pray that technology 10 years later would be advanced enough to cure Breast Cancer. & of course, Aids. The world would be so much relaxed if there's no Aids and zero possiblity of getting pregnant before marriage. yoohooooooo~

Enough about Chickens. Lets laugh at cows instead.

heees. By the way, i just updated my DeviantArt account.
Yeaps, the 2 new pictures consisted of photography & photomanipulation.

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