Friday, January 12, 2007

alright, FASHION LAB at wisma atria.
im working there.

there's a promotion now, 30% off for second item.
if you happen to pass by there, look for me (esther) , and buy something! haha. dont bother to drop in if you are a guy though.. there's no sexy boxers for you there.

Oh ya. if you are there, dont laugh at my outfit, which is super black from head to toes. grrr. i think im gonna hate black after one week. i even had to borrow black clothes and shoes from friends, because my wardrobe is seriously lacking of black plain clothes. to be precise, there were no black pants and no black plain top at all. i dont want to spend all my money on black clothing just for this job!! that would be so wasted of my hard-earned money. i still have one whole long list of items that im seriously saving money for, and that long list doesn't include black clothes. haha.

hmmms. anyway, just come and buy something okay? but you ppl must state that you want me to serve you hor. if not the sales would not be given to another salesgirl, not me.

heee. drop by (with cash) and see me without photoshop.

Anyway, anyone of you looking for a job?
Shunlai at
or me at


anyway, about the comments regarding my english:
pardon for the bad english because i blog directly from what's in my mind and not by plan. my english isn't good, since i converse usually in chinese. i dont see why people with bad english means that they should not blog. But well, if my kind of english irritates you, go read another blog like . she has better english and her posts are sometimes interesting!

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