Tuesday, January 2, 2007

New Year Eve &
New Year Day's Random Photos!

yay! i love random blogging. hahaha. because it's always the photos that do the work, not long long paragraphs of words. well, for New Year Eve, we went to WeiJun's house for the Countdown Overnight Party and we countdown-ed infront of two televisions instead of that big celebration at VivoCity. hahaha.

i think it has been a longgggg time since i travelled all the way from the east side of Singapore to the west just to visit his house. i almost forgot he lived at which block and which storey. but at last, i found his house, because i saw this:
Lots and Lots of shoes= Lots and Lots of people inside.
Lots and Lots of people inside= a party.
a party= weijun's house.


well, we ate alot. my favourite is this home-cooked laksa. Yum Yum!

i saw this toy, and i dont know why i laughed at his super-straight split. hees.

We slept 6 persons inside a room and me squashed in between. before i slept, i warned the people beside me not to kick while sleeping. haha. well, because both of them looked like super-sleep-kickers. bleah. it turned out that i kicked them more in the middle of the night while they peacefully didn't even move their legs. hahahahaha.

We slept late, and woke up late, ready for Lunch......... and Shopping!! hahaha. A great way to spend New Year: Shopping with a sponsor around :)

Look at these beautiful fake nails!

For dinner, i ate at PepperLunch for the first time in my whole life. Expensive, but worth it. We get to mix and cook our meal on the sizzling hot plate ourself. the best thing was, the CHICKEN taste super great :)

We had Caramel Sundae for desert, which ends New Year day sweetly =D

errr. no. that Sundae didn't end my New Year Day. I ended my new year day squashing with 8 people, all in one car. One driver, One at the front seat, and 6 at the back. 3 person sitting on the laps of the other 3 person.

Yes, i ended my New Year day with a leg cramp when i finally got home.


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