Saturday, January 13, 2007

Random Update about the past few days.

have not blogged about those days before i got this job, because blogger hasn't been nice enough to let me upload my photos. Since blogger is feeling much better this morning and allowed me to upload 3 photos, i shall risk being late for work and throw in some new paragraphs into my blog :)

alright, i met up with my lovely XiaoPing that day, to get her ears pierced, shopping and job interviewing. hees. She shorter than me (*smiles in glee*) but cuter than me (*frowns*).. haha. nevertheless i had a fun day, and so does she. wheeets~

I fell down in the library though. i think i've not fell down on my butt for around 2 years already lor! Such an embarrassing sight. One lucky thing was that i didn't fell on my face =x

I love the library's Ice Chocolate. I focused more on the Ice Chocolate than what i was supposed to be doing. haha.

the next day i was supposed to meet Denver. Denver brought SernWern along, and both of them complained when i counted 17 mrt stops from Denver's house to Jurong. haha. On the train SernWern slept & it was lucky that he did not snore. I think Denver was daydreaming about icecream.

I was late for my interview appointment and because the interviewing time was super long, i had to leave Denver and SernWern to fight the heat outside the cold office. aaaahh. sorry guys! They told me they went up and down the lift several times just to get some cold air. i wonder if the security guard would think that they are two crazy guys or what. hahahaha.

We travelled back to Tampines to meet JunYuan for lunch, but in the end i left them and met Shunlai for lunch instead. Felt abit guilty for wasting Denver's and SernWern's time.

Denver! Hope you can find a job soon~ (so that you will stop grumbling. hohos) oh ya. and i still think you look nicer in Brown hair.

Fashion Lab at Wisma Atria is at B1-40B.

oh no. im rushing late for work. BYE!

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