Sunday, January 21, 2007

I finally have the time to transfer photos from my handphone to the computer! And yea, i promise this post will be longggggggg. Did you notice that i hardly took camwhoring photos recently? Especially my FACE. hahaha.

here's a caution to those who hate looking at my face:
please leave this blog immediately in case you end up puking in the toilet. i know it's not a very pleasant experience to face the toilet bowl for 2 long hours.

Tada! For those who stayed on despite the risk, here's a random photo of myself in case you people forget how i look like. hees. I know this photo looks super weird, but no choice lah. i haven't been taking photos of my face for ages, so there isn't much to choose from.

I was lazing around at work yesterday when i saw Eric, INSIDE the shop. i thought maybe i had seen wrongly, and went into the fitting room to chat with Joyce. my handphone rang, and so i went into the storeroom to talk on the phone, immediately forgetting that Eric is still inside the shop. haha. suddenly joyce knocked on the storeroom and told me that people are asking for my assistance. alright, i realised that my eyes havent been playing tricks with me, and the person i saw was really him. As i was talking on the phone, i told Joyce to tell them that i was in the toilet. I hung up the phone after awhile and went out in the end. Eric was there with Wangguan and two other girls i dont regconize. Omg lah. my first reaction was so damn shocked. i expected Girl-Friends to come, not Guys. i can't possibly entertain them by saying:
" Hi, would you like to try on this dress? It's pretty!"

haha. Can male friends kindly notice me beforehand, in case i get shocked again? thanks alot -.- it's so wierd to bump into males in a ladies boutique. even wierd when i actually know who they are.

New arrivals have been coming in recently, and i had fun trying them out. Here's some photos. Which one should i buy??

when i say FLAT, i meant the top and not my stomach.

I dont like the dress. i just liked the pose.

I dont intend to buy this one though. I looked so wierd in this. Maybe it's not suitable for my character. haha. it looks cute on another smaller-sized salesgirl though.

My day yesterday have pretty much been a bad one.

And so... i pampered myself with chocolate ice-cream lastnight, which was yummy and at the same time, sinful to my un-flat stomach. Grr!! Any Unfat chocolate icecream in the world?

(anyway, can someone tell me more about paypal or any other internet banking transactions?)

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