Monday, January 22, 2007

Before i start, i shall upload a HOT picture for you guys.

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Yes, Hot.
not me, but the fake flames. haha. Imagine that burning your $69 dress.
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At the age of One,
I was extremely playful but everyone loves me.

At the age of Two,
I got lost in public as usual and asked a stranger whether he has seen my daddy.

At the age of Three,
I had a Gigantic Garfield birthday cake.
I only remembered it because of the old photos.
I forgot how it tasted like.

At the age of Four,
I asked my mum for a baby sister, and Pop~
she came out of mummy's bloated stomach.

At the age of Five,
I started first day of Kindergarden without crying.
I was too busy playing the toys.

At the age of Six,
I became shortsighted and wore my first nerdy spectacles. i had purposely made my eyes bad because i thought spectacles is a fun toy.

At the age of Seven,
I got bullied by the class bully. I dont think he remembers it. Grr!

At the age of Eight,
I won a Peacock drawing contest.

At the age of Nine,
I hated maths, because i was terribly bad at it.

At the age of Ten,
I loved maths, because im always first in class.

At the age of eleven,
I played catching everyday during recess and finally lost those fats which made me listed in the overweight club for past 2 years.

At the age of twelve,
i hated my freckles.

At the age of thirteen,
I used the twit language like everyone else.

At the age of Fourteen,
i was the first one to pay 20 cents for not tucking in my uniform.

At the age of Fifteen,
I accidentally made my handphone swim in the washing machine before it finally drowned.

At the age of Sixteen,
I created this blog and gave it a stupid name called
The Miracle Season.

At the age of Seventeen,
im at

17 Years of Youth on Earth,
I overcomed fears, and took up new skills.
I challenged difficult tasks,
and worry endlessly about my flabby arms.
I learnt alot and im still so short.
I think im typical, yet with abit of difference.
that's me, Ice Angel.

Those 17 yearly facts about my life were probably the most uninteresting things that happened to me. i think interesting things are better to be left alone undetailed in my memories. And lastly, im writing this because i really really really want that canon-ixus-60. I shall end this blog entry with a big dot.


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