Monday, January 15, 2007

My first off-day is on this Wednesday!

After 4 days of starting work as a sales assistant, i got my first shock yesterday. two china girls came into the shop and since the other sales assistants are busy, i went over to serve them. they picked 2 dark blue pants, and proceed to the fitting room to change. the thinner one went into one of the cubicle and closed the curtain. the second one placed her bag in another cubicle, and proceed to undress her pants OUTSIDE the cubicle, right beside me! Omg. lucky there wasn't any other customers around at that time. I saw her pink lacy semi-transparent underwear. i didn't know what to do but i ended up feeling embarrassed and looked away. It feels so wierd to look at some stranger adult girl changing pants infront of you lah!

i received a sms from XiaoPing last night to put her blog link in my next blog post. so here it is:

anyway, i found out that i won an ipod shuffle!
Click here: random winner

hehs. i wonder what colour it is. i dont know whether i want to sell it away so that i have some spare cash to spend on clothes, accessories and makeup, or use it since my own mp4 has already turned from white to grey, glass scratched, and one side of the earpiece spoiled. hmmmm.

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