Saturday, January 6, 2007

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Alright, now you are allowed to continue reading my random rumblings. wahahahaha. I love this picture because his face is cut off.

anyway, say Congratulations to me,
because i just got terminated from my job yesterday. Hurray! i dont have to wait for the one week notice. haha. For the time-being, i shall just enjoy life until i finds another job.

anyway, i was clearing my email inbox just now when i read a message from the admin of :
We have identified your blog as one of the popular youth blog around and we seek
your help in making this event a success in the blogosphere.To kick-start the
contest, you can help us by being the first contestants to blog a contest entry
under the theme: I am @ Youth.SG.

It would be rude if i ignored the email although i've never even heard of before, but if i were to really write an entry, i think i would end up bragging about myself.

I think i shan't embarrass myself and invite more critisms =X
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

here's something i stumbled upon while surfing the net.
Why it is important to smile in pictures:

if he had smiled, at least we could still see his teeth. haha. i dont wish to see him smiling at night though, because i would be super terrified thinking that i just bumped into a headless, toothy ghost.

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