Sunday, January 28, 2007

A couple were in the midst of quarreling when they stepped into the shop. I was quite near them so i overheard their conversation. it was something like this:

Woman: Even if it wasn't nice you also dont have to embarass me infront of so many people like that!
Man: But it's really not nice mah. Can you not be so unreasonable??!

it's again a problem about a Woman's sensitivity and a Man's lack of sensitivity. Yes, man do have sensitivity. Only when they spot a small scratch on their dearest new car.

I've seen Mum happily going shopping with her friends and buying back alot of clothes. Her friends are updated on what's the fashion nowsadays, so Mum usually buys back somehow youngy clothes. She was satisfied with her buys and we could see her excitement when she shows us her new clothes.

When Dad comes home, she would eagerly dress up in the new clothes to ask Dad if it is nice. Dad, although super-updated on computer gadgets, still has a conservative mind of what woman should wear. He likes plain straight skirts instead of frilly cute dresses, and he prefers Mum to wear Aunty-clothes instead of "off-shoulder", "high-waist-dresses", and other styles that young people wear. Dad would usually say 'Not nice lar' and Mum would start to think that her new clothes aren't that awesome anymore. A tint of disappointment could be seen on her face, and i would start feeling abit sad for her.

It isn't Dad's fault totally though. He is just the typical singapore man having a lack of sensitivity. Back to the couple in our shop, I could see that the Man thinks that his wife/girlfriend is being totally unreasonable and childish. I know guys see it as: "if it isn't nice, what's wrong with saying it looks ugly??"

Woman takes those words as insult, and would feel embarrassed especially when the Man said it infront of a bunch of other women waiting for the fitting room queue. It's natural for girls to feel that way, because they dont like feeling inferior to other women. Just like me, I dont mind guys being better than me, but i seriously mind it when another girl is said to be better than me when i know im actually better. Dont talk about BeautyQueens and talented pianoist. Im obviously no match for them and i know how much im worth. I dont mean to say that im better than every girl in the world. Im just better than SOME.

i've seen some girls trying on clothes while the man waits outside the dressing room. that's good because it shows that the man is concern about what the girl is wearing. It's totally better than man waiting outside the shop impatiently and asking a "you finish buying already anot~??" every ten minutes like he doesn't care what shit the girl is wearing. Back to the gentlemanly men who wait outside the dressing room, i've seen some men who says "nice", "good", "awesome" on every dress the girl comes out in. Although we girls know in our heart that the men isn't speaking from his heart and that the dress isn't as awesome as his tone, we feel better because we know we look nice in his eyes even in the ugliest dress on earth.

For guys, nextime a girl asks you to comment on the dress she's wearing and you think it's totally ugly, take another dress for her to try and say:
"why not you try this one and we compare?"
And after she has worn the second dress, you can say "i prefer you in this dress more than that dress"

Or maybe, if she has taken 3 or 4 dresses into the dressing room, you can just easily say: "I think you look more amazing in the another dress"

And guys, if you think this is troublesome and too bootlicking, forget what i've just say and just continue telling your wife/girlfriend: "no, you look totally ugly wearing that"

After that, be ready for a slap.

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