Sunday, April 14, 2019

Paris, France

On to the next stop of our honeymoon, Paris!!! It's one of my must-go cities in the world and I'm glad I got to visit this romantic city on my honeymoon. Before I went, I heard that people either love or hate Paris. I'm happy to say I'm on the love side of the spectrum - I LOVE PARIS. However, I can also understand why some people feel disappointed when they first step into Paris. It is indeed untidy and not as glam as what one would have expected. Still, I am a big fan of bustling cities and I have nothing except good memories of this place.

First thing we did when we arrived - we got on the metro to the main streets! We were wary about pickpockets since it was going to be crowded so we left everything in our room and went out with only our phone and some cash.

Arc De Triomphe was on our itinerary for the next day but we still took some photos.

Decided to treat ourselves to a nice french dinner at Baroche (101 Rue la Boétie, 75008 Paris, France).

Foie Gras to start!

It's a lovely restaurant and it set the romantic tone for the night! After dinner we decided to walk to Eiffel Tower!

After a long walk we are finally nearing!

Check out the sparkly glittering Eiffel Tower!

So pretty......

Good night and the next morning, we visited Arc De Triomphe again and took better pictures in daylight!

The roads circling Arc De Triomphe is quite interesting to watch because it's one of the craziest roundabouts I've seen with 12 roads converging into the circle. The roads are wide, many cars, no traffic lights, and no lines.

Musée du Louvre, another tourist favourite.

Lunch in a nice Chinese restaurant with pretty decor.

Roue de Paris. We didn't go up the ride, it was a toilet stop for us. By the way, public toilets in some places around Europe cost around 50 cents to $1, which we thought was quite expensive compared to the 10, 20 cents we usually pay in Singapore (and it's not common anymore too). But after we visited Iceland and paid around $5 per use, Europe's toilets seem affordable in comparison. Haha.

Visited Eiffel Tower in daylight! Took many photos!

My favourite photo below!

The real scene.... so many tourist! Haha.

We got to another place where we can take photos with the Eiffel tower and this place is quieter.

We got on the river cruise.

And saw Eiffel Tower again! Haha.

Love the beautiful old buildings in Paris.

At night, we went out again and tried this thing called Funiculaire which is like cable car but on tracks.

City lights!

The drawing's really good isn't it???

Decided to dabao some kebab!

Moulin Rouge~ Too bad we didn't have time to experience the shows.

Naughty shops nearby.

Sweet treats.

Of course, there was shopping to be done too! Galleries Lafayette is like a stop for almost all tourists and we went to check it out too. But we didn't buy anything, which I eventually regret because i should have made good use of the 12% tax refund and get myself a nice Chanel bag or something.


Got ourselves some Pierre Herme macarons!


Cafes on Paris' sidewalks have all their chairs facing outwards. So it means you are sitting next to your friends and facing the passerbys instead of opposite each other. I thought it was quite interesting.

We stayed in Ibis Hotel and it was quite a nice and cozy stay, plus point - it is walking distance to the metro.

Read about the rest of our honeymoon below! 

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