Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Rome, Italy and Vatican City

Rome was our last stop in Italy and luckily for us, we finally got a nice modern hotel room! This is the nicest one we had in all our stops in Rome haha.

Hotel Zone
Via Alfredo Fusco, 118, 00136 Roma RM, Italy

The hotel has a small restaurant and since it's located so far away from everything else, we had our meals there quite afew times. 

Simple breakfast. Most of the smaller four star hotels in Europe serve very limited variety for breakfast.... The usual menu would be cereal, milk, some bread, and fruits. 


I have got to say that Rome is one of my favourite city to visit in Europe. I love the busy streets and ancient feel.

We also visited Vatican City while in Rome. 
Vatican City is country by itself, surrounded by Rome and this super tall wall separates both countries. We walked along this wall until we reached the entrance to Vatican City. The actual size of this country is extremely small though. 

Can't remember if this cafe is inside or outside Vatican City. Haha. 

The queue to enter St. Peter's Basilica was one super long line circling the St. Peter's Square and we waited super long before we managed to enter.  

Another must-go in Rome is the Trevi Fountain! I've seen it so many times on instagram and what I didn't expect was how crowded it was. 

Lots of gelato shops beside the fountain. 

The Spanish Steps, also another must-go attraction in Italy. Similarly, it is also super crowded.

The streets also super crowded.

Back in hotel again for dinner. 

That's all for our honeymoon in Europe!

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Took me so long to clear the europe backlog because there are just too many photos. Finally can move on to blogging about other countries we went after Europe! 

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