Monday, June 15, 2020

Genting 2017

Yes, that's right. It's not a typo. Genting in 2017. That's how long I have procrastinate to blog about it. Haha. So we had a family trip with my grandparents to the "new" Genting soon after the indoor renovations was done.

Cable car up. I hate cable cars. But I also hate the bus ride up. Guess I have no choice but to choose either one. Haha. 

First world hotel is my first choice among all the hotels in Genting because it's the busiest and nearest to all the shops. The rooms are definitely basic and small though.

With the theme park closed, it's arcade all day everyday~

Burger and Lobster! 

Casino~ Arcade for Adults. Haha.

I love Marrybrown. It's a must to have Marrybrown whenever we go Genting.

We are finally old enough to buy our own data pack to use at night in the comfort of our hotel room instead of sitting at macdonalds to get some wifi. Haha. So many years of memories sitting at the Mcdonalds in First World Hotel past midnight just using phone. 

Visited the outdoor garden at Theme Park Hotel.

We so heavy until the bench bend? Haha.

We took this picture because we had a old picture right at the exact same spot many years back.

Check out the amount of butter in each slice haha. 

I think that the new Genting has lost abit of its unique nostalgic feel. It is now like a big shopping mall, the shops and dining are similar to what we can get in sg. 

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