Monday, June 1, 2020

Venice, Italy

Yes, we stayed in this room with full-red oriental furnishings and wallpaper during our time in Venice. It was very dated and quite scary actually.

The hotel claims to be 4 stars but we have learnt that the standard in Europe is really a big difference from what we are used to in other countries. The 4-star we are familiar with is a more economical version of a proper large 5 star hotel while many of their 4-star is like our 3-star small hotels. 


Had always wanted to visit Venice and we are finally here! It was quite underwhelming though.

Just taking lots and lots of pictures with bridges.


So happy that we tried the gondola ride! It is $25 per person for a public ride. It's like a must-do thing in Venice. We got a really fierce boatman though, scolded us for moving around cos we attempted to exchange seats and let the other riders take photo on the "prime seat" we were on.

Glass-making demo

Seafood pasta

Time for outlet shopping! 

Missing my pasta!

Some Chinese food we had the night before. 

Alright that's all for Venice. 

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