Wednesday, April 3, 2019

CNY 2019

Am I the only one that is super happy whenever I buy something and they give free angpow paper? Hehe. Differentiating the angpows for my grandparents, parents, sister, cousins, and other kids.

On CNY Eve's Eve, we went to my parents' place and had an early reunion dinner! This is the start to many more steamboat sessions (which i loveee).


CNY Eve reunion dinner with S and his family.

CNY Day 1

Did the usual visitings with the in-laws and then we went for movie and then pencai at home!

Posting all 4 selfies because I cannot decide which one looks better. Haha.

CNY Day 2
In the morning went to visit my parents, and then went back to his place as his relatives are gathering. Then afterwards went to visit my grandparents!

In love my red outfit that day! Super huat!

Was looking forward to CNY this year because it's the first time we are celebrating in our new home so I invited my friends over. Super love hosting guests at our house! Prepared steamboat for all!

Our new mahjong trainees- Fiona and Ruoxuan!

My parents came over the next day and I prepared steamboat again!

Need to record this. My fastest win ever! This was my initial set of tiles. I have an animal, am in position 1, and the wind is west, so i started with 3 points already. First draw was two circles. Threw out my fa and waited for either two circles or four circles. Immediately after, the person opposite me threw out four circles. Win! Unbelievable!

The next weekend his friends came over and we had steamboat again! Haha.

Din Tai Fung's lohei was the best we ate this year. Very fresh and the sauce was just nice.

Played Blackjack + In between + Mahjong afterwards! Still love mahjong the most!

The next day, Nadia, Fidelis and Jacelyn came over with their families! Steamboat again! Haha.

We have 11/11 full attendance!! Rare okay.

Played in between! Got so hooked to this game after isaac taught me how to play.

I bought many poker cards at home! We have the usual default kind, then we have this gold one, this jumbo-sized one, and hello kitty one too!

Later that night, I went over to my neighbours for steamboat (again!!!) and mahjong!

That's all for CNY!

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