Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Singapore Discovery Centre & Army Museum

I have a question.

Where do you all date? What do you all do during dates?

Besides movie and dinner, me and my boyfriend are running out of ideas for our weekly dates. We need ideas!!! Haha. So one day I suggested Singapore Discovery Centre as I have not been there for years. Since we had nothing better to do anyway, we went! It is located in the far away west side of Singapore and free admission for Singaporeans!

I didn't really understood what the Singapore Discovery Centre was about after all these years.... But after this visit I guess it's about discovering Singapore?

There were quite a number of interactive exhibits around. One of them, a news studio where we can pretend to be newscasters and read from the teleprompter and then playback to see ourselves on TV. It was quite awkward and I realize I can never be a newscaster because I look as awkward as can be. I also look extremely fat on screen. Guess what they say about how television adds a couple of inches to your weight is true. Those pretty actresses tv must be really super skinny in real life then?!

Digital dance studio where we can learn how to dance from videos.

We had quite abit of fun at some of the stations! One thing though, the centre is especially empty for a weekend.

We had the whole 4D/XD theater to ourselves! $10 per pax for a 5 minutes ride.

We were looking forward to the shooting gallery! $6 per pax for one round of game.

The gun was super heavy! Who wears a dress and carries a handbag to shoot people? Lol.

Afterwards, we took the free bus tour.

We could have played the pedal boat too but it was closed that day due to weather :(

Went over to the Army Museum after that since it's just beside! I didn't know we had an Army Museum till recently. Again, free admission for Singaporeans. Awesome!

NS bunk bed of the past.

Visited the tanks outside and took some photos~!

Afterwards, I got bf to show me how to get pass all these obstacles which are common for army trainings! Quite fun lah, but it was a mosquito-feeding session for me -.-"

That's all for this entry! Hopefully we can find more fun places to go in Singapore!

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