Thursday, July 17, 2014


Just want to document this although I have already shared it on instagram.

5 days ago, I was on the MRT on the way home. I was very distracted on my phone, editing videos to post on instagram and did not realize when I have already reached my station. So I walked down slowly, still distracted with my phone.... and at the exit, I realize I couldn't tap out of the mrt because my wallet is missing! I went back to the train to look for the wallet but it's not there anymore. I went down to the control station to report loss. I was feeling very sad because the wallet is new and I just transferred my cards and IC in just that day. Also, almost a hundred was inside when I usually only carry $20 cash around. The station staff asked me what my wallet looked like and to my surprise, it was right there on her desk! Felt so thankful to whoever picked it up and returned the wallet to lost and found! I remember I was the last one to alight from my carriage so that kind person who found it must have boarded the train after I left, saw it and made the effort to go down to the control station to return.

This year I already met two kind souls, few months back was the miracle story of my camera and now my wallet. Feel so grateful. ❤️

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