Friday, July 4, 2014

Toby's Estate

Met up with my new blog manager Madeline last week and we went to Toby's Estate to have breakfast food for tea break! I usually take cabs to unfamiliar places not near the MRT station but this time we are hardworking, we took a bus! I usually get down at the wrong bus stop and this time we almost did because we were so engrossed with our phones. Haha. Even though we did not missed our bus stop, we ended up walking the longer distance to the cafĂ© when the map clearly stated a shorter route. Luckily, there was a table for us indoors with the comfort of air-con!

Photo with Madeline outside the cafe!

Love the interior! Very spacious and nicely done up.

We were not hungry as we just had lunch at another event earlier, so we shared a dish and had tea!

Croissant and scrambled eggs. One of my staples at brunch cafes recently. This dish is available with brioche too but we chose Croissants. Croissants can never go wrong!

So anyway, we chatted about my blog, and I realize that many of my current readers are the ones reading since years back and I hardly have new readers. This meant that most of you here have been with me for quite a long time and I am very thankful to the ones who hasn't gave up on me! I know I have been less personal compared to maybe 5 years back, as I start to rein my opinions in and stop being so vocal. My writing style has changed and so have my priorities in life. But I appreciate every single one of you who remained here giving your silent support :) To me, blogging is all about retaining memories for myself. No matter how normal or simple any hangout with any friend may be, they are all worth reminiscing in the future. Being able to share all these with an audience is a bonus, and I am glad to have you all.

Lovingly dressed by Earthdoll :) One of my latest wardrobe addition which I am sure I would re-wear again and again.

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