Friday, July 18, 2014

Food For Thought / Botanic Gardens

It started with me asking my sister if she wanna join me for brunch food one weekend and it became a family thing when we realize our parents are free that day too! Decided on Food For Thought at Singapore Botanic Gardens!

Food For Thought is located near the Tanglin Gate. We didn't make reservations but it was fairly easy to get a table because of the large seating capacity.

I didn't really like the d├ęcor (felt like food court), except for this wall.

Coffee for them while I had juice.

Here's what we had!

Basic breakfast of butter toast, bacon and scrambled eggs. Simple but satisfying. The toast wasn't as crispy as I wanted it to be but it was quite yummy!

Grilled Ham & Cheese! This was not bad.... but the next is even better!

Slow Roasted Pulled Pork! I knew I wanted to order this the moment I saw this on the menu. The meat is tender and delicious!

And we ordered a plate of full breakfast with everything inside! A little surprised that the "hashbrowns" came in ball form. Quite nice lah! Love the chicken sausage and bacon and mushrooms.

I also ordered chicken wings since we are such fans of it but it was a mistake because the chicken wings here are so-so only.

Was tempted by the Mixed Berries Pancakes and ordered them for dessert! The pancake was very buttery and tasted almost like butter cakes! The fluffiness was also just right!

I think we over-ordered because we were extremely full after that!

Afterwards, we went to walk around Botanic Gardens!

It began raining soon after so we seek shelter in a pavilion and took some photos!

Then we took some videos and edited it using an awesome app called Meipai! This became my first Meipai video! Inspired by ben's twirling style. Hahaha. It did look quite ridiculous behind the scenes though.

After the rain stopped, we started on our journey again~ How adorable in this little one!!!!! And the one behind, tiny and cute! ^_^ These two really brightened up my day!

OOTD: Floral chiffon top from! Specially wore this one because of the lightweight chiffon material - Botanic Gardens was sweltering hot everytime I went, but this time felt slightly better! Loved the layered fluttery sleeves and how the florals fitted so well with the gardeny background.

Took a photo for my parents~

Only walked one round around this lake and we decided it was enough. Hahahaha. And to think at first we actually planned to walk half the Botanic Gardens! We only barely covered a small area in the end! The swans in this lake were so graceful the way they glide on water!

Then, I found this bush with pretty pink flowers, perfect backdrop for photos!!!

We had quite a fun time at Botanic Gardens that day! Was good to spend some time with the family in nature instead of our usual shopping malls :)

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