Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Some time ago I attended local brand Klarity's CC Cream media launch and thought I'd share some photos I took! The event was held at Salt Grill. I was previously there at night with bf for our 2nd anniversary dinner and although the view was already spectacular then, I love the place even more during the day. I hope that my future home will have full windows too! :)

Random photo of my table.

The event started off with an introduction of the Klarity CC cream. Something I learnt that day - the difference between BB cream and CC cream is that the latter is usually less heavy and dull. Also, the CC Cream from Klarity is not tinted, perfect for light makeup days. Oh, and something interesting - It's halal-certified and not tested on animals. Awesome!

Group photo with Julie. So many gorgeous ladies at the event that day!

With Kathleen, who I sat beside with.

Thanks Klarity for the invite! I enjoyed the food very much! :)
I tried the Klarity CC cream for myself and it was indeed soft, light-weight, and not greasy at all! Also, it has a whitening effect which gives the skin an instant glow after application. Although I am comfortable with not wearing makeup out on my lazy days, perhaps I should at least put some CC cream on my face so that I don't look that bad? Haha.

With Lydia.

Another group photo to end this entry! 4 ladies with printed outfits and another four ladies with black and white coordinate. What a coincidence!

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