Sunday, July 6, 2014

Almost a decade

Met up with the boys again some time back! It's kinda amazing how long I have known them for... It's our 8th and 9th year of friendship! I will always remember that I first met Ben at Woodlands Interchange. As for Isaac, both of us don't really remember how it started anymore - It was before this blog even started so I have no recollection (my memory is horrible. that's why this blog is extremely important because without it I probably wouldn't remember many things that I've done. haha.) They were there throughout all the important changes during my youth! Characters though, all of us have mellowed down a little but actually still the same as almost a decade ago!

Some time ago I went to browse through my archives and when I saw my photos I was like... Ewwwwww... Hahaha. Some of them are so embarrassing and cringe worthy. No wonder so many people back then didn't understood why I even had any readers at all. Haha.

So anyway...... Ben was late!!!! It's always like this one leh. Either he early and I late, or I early and he late. Me and Isaac had plenty of time to play with his new camera while waiting for the royal highness' arrival.

Such pretty scenery!

Super love this photo leh! But the back of Isaac ruined half of it. Lol.

This photo taken by Isaac's new camera. Awesome leh, so sharp and bright and clear. Took so many photos!

Filtered this two because I was lazy to edit my dark eyebags.

Finally royal highness arrive after we already took a gazillion photos (I had a hard time eliminating the photos because so many nice ones!) Haha.

Off to have our late lunch! Initially wanted to have brunch at forgot-what-is-the-name-but-the-cafe-looked-good. So we went back to Esplanade Mall and settled on Nine Thirty!

Only tea for Isaac because he sneakily had lunch already although we were meeting for lunch!

I had Scrambled Eggs on Toast which was quite yummy and very filling!

And Ben ordered this pretty instagram-worthy dish!

So pretty I had to post up two photos of the same thing. Haha.

Took some piccies outside! The mandatory OOTD shot~ Love the top from Earthdoll! Was a nice fit and versatile too.

Lots of laughter while we took photos here. Forgot what we were laughing about already but it was the funny-until-can-collapse type of funny. Haha.

Yummy icecream from Awfully Chocolate! My first time wor! Anyway, I love this photo. It's taken using Isaac's new camera. The quality is so good! I have half a mind to sell my current camera and buy the same one he is using. But cannot lah.... bf bought it for me, so must use until spoil then can change. Anyway, it is really weird why I'm using the same camera as Ben and using the same settings too but the effect on my camera and his camera is so different.

Nowadays I use my phone to take photos when I'm lazy to lug my camera area. Also quite nice! Anyway we had Fish Head Curry for dinner at Marina Square. Was yummmmmmmmms! But Ben say "Normalz". hahahah.

End off here. Bye!

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