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10 Yummy Brunch Cafes In Singapore Under $10

Scrolling through instagram and craving for brunch food? Your friends wants to have brunch in a nice and instagrammable cafe, but you are on a shoestring budget? No worries! Here are some good cafes that serves yummy "brunch food" for under $10!

1. Cad Café
Scrambled Eggs on Toast $10

I put this on the top of my list because whenever people ask for brunch recommendations, Cad Cafe would definitely be one of them. Both times I was there, quality food was served. Even a simple dish like scrambled eggs on toast was done perfect.

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2. Nine Thirty
Poached Eggs on English Muffin with Hollandaise ($9)/ Scrambled Eggs with Toast ($8)

Went out with $10 meal budget with my friends and was surprised that we could find affordable brunch food near town area, in Esplanade Mall. Scrambled Eggs and Toast was a delicious and filling lunch.

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3. One Man Coffee
Ham and Cheese Croissant $6, Gashouse Egg $10, Brioche French Toast $10

The food served here are quite yummy, though the portion is quite small for most of the dishes. The french toast would be more filling although the sweetness makes it feel like dessert. Dished on wooden planks, the presentation was also very pretty!

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4. Epicurious
Under $10: Scrambled/Fried Eggs and buttered toast, Smoked salmon bagel, Pancakes

One of the cafes I dined at when I first ventured into brunch food. In loved with their baked eggs ever since. Also had their pancakes, which are a beautifully stacked and topped with fruits.

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5. Flock Café
Scrambled Eggs and Toast ($7.50), French Toast and Bananas ($9.50), Pancakes and Strawberries ($9.50)

Flock Café, located in the famous Tiong Bahru café area, left a very good impression when I visited. The food were remarkably yummy and every single item on my dish was good. Pictured are the Scrambled Eggs and Toast. If you have a little more budget, add a sausage and smoked salmon like I did.

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6. Food For Thought
Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Butter Toast ($8)

Located in Botanic Gardens, you could even take some pretty pictures outside after brunch.

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7. Kith Café
Grilled Ham, Cheese Toast ($8), 2pc Toast + Scrambled/Poached Eggs ($8)

The toast is prettily grilled with lines. Put it beside some eggs = Instagram-worthy. The food at Kith is not bad too. The pizza is good. Share it with friends!

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8. Loysels Toy
Quite a number of items here are under $10. Hidden away in an out-of-the-way ulu corner, I liked the quiet ambience of Loysels Toy, almost like a little weekend getaway.

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9. Chye Seng Huat Hardware
Under $10: French Toast w mixed berries, Pancake Stack w Banana and walnuts, Ham Omelette, etc.

Café lovers must visit Chye Seng Huat Hardware at least once. I love the hip vibes of this "hidden" café and the food we had (not listed above) was not too bad.

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10. Toby's Estate
Scrambled eggs with Croissant/Brioche ($8)

I liked how this cafe is tucked away in a quiet town during the day and the interior is quite nice and spacious too.

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Looks like most of the items are toasts and eggs! I actually started the list with 5, then realize that I have many more places to recommend and ended up with 10. There are probably a lot more cafes in Singapore with affordable and pretty brunch food around - it's just the trick of choosing a less fanciful dish from the menu. Of course, there also plenty serving brunch at prices of at least $20-$30 per head even for simple food like above... Hopefully this list would be helpful for poorer days (like end of the month!), and I have curated the list in a way that all cafes are tried-and-tasted yummy.

Extra: The Taste Makers
Not exactly brunch, but this cozy and pretty café serves yummy toast at $3 ala-carte, and $5.80 for a set (+ eggs and coffee/tea)! Will blog about this place soon.

If you are not tight on budget, here's my list of recommended and
which serve delicious food AND good ambience:
2. Sprmrkt
Was very impressed with the quality of food here. Even if you are on a budget, breakfast croissant here is only $7 nett! Choose your fillings from ham n cheese, chicken mayo, tuna mayo, or others. But I recommend splurging la, the other food are super delicious! 

and the ones also listed above:
5. Chye Seng Huat Hardware
6. Epicurious
7. Flock Café

More cafes are popping up, and I'm loving it! What are your favourite cafes? Do share with me!

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