Friday, September 6, 2013

Cad Cafe

Another food entry, but NICE PHOTOS!!!!!

As this is a relatively new place, I didn't know about this Cad Cafe before bf suggested to go there for our weekend brunch! This place is located at Haji Lane and is very obvious due to it's bright blue paint!

Honestly, at first I waved Cad Cafe off as just another new cafe similar to the many others that have been popping up in Singapore over the past few months. But I change my mind after stepping foot into this tiny cafe. I really like this place!!! I don't know why but I felt good here. Perhaps because Haji Lane was quiet that day, it felt like I was in another country!

Although the menu was limited, the servers won us over with their awesome attitude.

It was a hot, scorching day but we chose to sit outside (sacrificing for nice photos!!!!). Noting that, the very kind server helped us to increase the fan power.

This is our stool, covered by a sack!

As usual, I had Cafe Latte.

For once, bf had coffee too! Probably because there aren't other strange drinks on the menu. Haha. It has come to a point that whenever I look at the menu of any place, I know which drink he would order. He always order the most uniquely named one with the most weird combination.

I kept staring at this flower vase on one of the tables because I thought it was a pretty sight!

Food is here! Bf had the Beef Sausage Omelette, which I can't eat although the presentation indeed looked good.

Cad Florentine for me. I like it so much! Good Food + Good Feel, great start to my weekend!

Wore a simple pink dress that day, paired with earrings that bf gifted me some time ago. Anyway, I got iron my dress okay, don't know why it became crumpled so quickly.

Anyway..... HAPPY WEEKENDS!!!!

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