Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I walked pass Poulet at Bugis+ many many many times and was always tempted to have dinner there but it didn't materialized until recently.

All my friends know that I love eating chicken. Lol. Actually I also like many other meat like Fish, Prawn, Crab also, but somehow it felt particularly obvious to everyone that I liked eating chicken. Haha. I have no idea why.

Heard many good reviews about Poulet, so I was excited to try! I was around the area with bf so we decided to have dinner there.

It had a queue when we reached. Poulet seem to be the most popular restaurant at Bugis+ level 4.

Sausages as appetizer. First thing that went into my mind was "that looks like alot of oil!" Almost feels like they coated the sausage with oil haha.

Every review I read online raved about the Poulet Roti. It was the restaurant's star dish, so of course we had to order it!

I personally felt that the meat was very tender and yummy. Well-cooked chicken! The creamy sauce was a bit too strong for me though. Would be better if there was lesser sauce. But some people complimented the sauce, so I think it's subjective! This dish gears towards good that's for sure.

Bf ordered the braised chicken. Should have ordered the braised duck instead, because this felt like a steamed rendition of the Poulet Roti. Nothing special! Portion is quite small too. Not bad on its own but pales in comparison to the Poulet Roti.

Baked Caramelised Granny Smith Apple and Almond Paste in Puffy Tart served with Vanilla Ice-cream! Nice sweet ending to the meal!

I felt that the menu was quite limited though, won't be back very soon! And if I do, it could probably only be a chicken craving. Haha.

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