Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Career Change

One of the biggest change I had this year, was a career change. I resigned from my previous job in May without looking for a new job first. Reason was that I really needed a break.

I have been working in my previous company for 3 years and I had a reasonably good position for my age but the responsibility that came along with it was also a little overwhelming. Towards the end of my 3 years in that job, I was constantly worrying even after work time (about making mistakes or forgetting things), depressingly fretting over Mondays on Sunday mornings, and working even in my dreams!

To be honest, I learnt ALOT with my previous boss. Probably more than I would ever have if I worked somewhere else. I saw the harsh reality of how people are always respectful to people of higher status and looking down on people of lower levels. Overall, I loved the job scope, but I also hated some parts that came along with it. If only I had the freedom to delegate whatever I didn't want to do to other staffs. Haha.

After quitting, I didn't start to look for another job yet even though my parents were worried. I just wanted to slack and relax with my new-found free time which I didn't have for some months. Then I started feeling guilty about spending all my days at home, I started sending resumes.

While searching for a job, I realized that I do not know what I really wanted. I am already 23 and not knowing what I wanted to do was a big issue. I knew I wanted to travel and blog, I knew I wanted to open my own business. But these dreams are made of lots of money and it's highly unlikely to find a job opening like that.

I didn't want to find another job that was similar to what I was doing before, as the industry is small and I didn't want to seem like a betrayer. So I was really starting from zero! Finally, I decided to sign up for jobs which I am confident I could excel in. I want to go to work happily and without stress.

I landed myself an easy-peasy job in the end, two actually. I went for an interview in the morning and another interview in the afternoon. I got both job offers immediately after the interview. I had a choice of lower salary but just 5 minutes away from home, and higher salary but longer distance. The work scope was around the same.

In the end I chose the higher salary one because it was a bigger company. I have never worked for a company this big before. I now have around 200 colleagues, and most of them are young people. I have more motivation to dress up and put on make up for work now!

After people knew my background, they questioned what I was doing in a simple job like this which was irrelevant to my degree and past working experience. Well, I took up this job based on what was important to me. When looking for a job, I wanted work-life balance more than money or status. I really very honestly told the interviewers that I was looking for an easy job which allows me to leave on time! Hahaha. It sounds like such a lazy trait!

So anyway, I was enjoying myself so much in my job and after two months with no Monday blues, my HR director recently transferred me to a new position of a totally different job scope. New responsibility, new desk, new beginnings. This new position is of course "better" than my previous simple job, but wayyyyyyyyyyy more work. Haha. Hope I will enjoy my new role and continue to have no Monday blues!

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