Thursday, September 26, 2013

Eat Play Love

It was my turn to bring the girls out for Mystery Makan, and I decided to bring them to Eat Play Love after reading about it on a magazine!

Eat Play Love is like a craft cafe, where you can have food PLUS play with crafts. Beside tables for dining, there are craft corners, mainly for kids I think. For a small fee, the cafe will provide a wide variety of miscellaneous materials for kids to stretch their creativity! It's a really great idea for parents who want to bring out the arty side of their kids without messing their own homes! For adults, we can create some shrink art accessories!

Placed our order and went around the cafe to look at the little interesting stuffs!

We eat, we play, we love! It's like 3 of the most important things in my life.
Eat - I look forward to meal time everyday! Delicious food makes me happy!
Play - I wanna travel the world and play all day! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All play and no work makes Esther a happy girl!
Love - Family, Relationship, Friends, all these are very important to me!

One of the shrink art areas~

So many materials which can be used to create ANYTHING!

Bright, cheery colors are the theme of this busy cafe.

Drinks came!

The mains available are either thai food or western. I had the Basil Chicken Rice. It's quite nice!

Their mango salsa fish!

Jacelyn's main: Mango Sticky Rice.

For desserts we had the Tiramisu Hero's tiramisu without alcohol! I actually like tiramisu without the alcohol much more! When eaten cold it's such a refereshing dessert. I hope they get a rack at 7-11 or something so that I can grab a jar anytime I crave for it!

Coconut ice cream for Nadia~

Craft time!

We referred to the books for some design inspirations!

In the end, I decided to use these as templates for my shrink art jewellery. The girls told me that shrink art was a very common thing during our school days but I don't remember anything like this! The only art stuff we did in primary school were stamping paint on papers using cut fruits, sticking ice cream sticks together to make a kampong house, painting one side of the paper and folding it into half to make a butterfly... etc. Then in secondary school I only remember sketching and painting. I don't remember anything about Shrink Art before! Did you all play with it in school before?

This flower is gorgeous and I spent so much effort on it but the final result was a failure cos it curled up and the ends stuck together in the oven :(

So, the method was to draw and color on some special paper... punch a hole, then, bake in the oven for 2 minutes and it comes out as plastic!

Then, we chain it with earring hooks to make jewellery or keychains! I used marker and the colors didn't come out very nice :(

Nadia and Jacelyn did charm bracelets and it turned out so cute! They used color pencils and the event was so nice. I'm gonna use color pencils next time too!

Will go back again to make nicer accessories!

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