Monday, September 9, 2013

Vending Machines

It feels very sad when you are hungry or craving for piping hot food but you can't have it. Recently, I kept being in such situations.

I was hungry but it was close to lunch time so I just wanted a small snack to keep me satisfied till lunch for a proper meal. I didn't want to eat too much in case I ruin my appetite for lunch and end up hungry mid afternoon. All that I had was a vending machine in front of me. A vending machine that only serves titbits and instant noodles.

I did not have the time to sit down and eat the cup of noodles leisurely, so naturally the only choice I had were the titbits. Oreo, chips, and other dry snacks which didn't look very good for someone who was craving for some hot snacks like potato wedges, fries, nuggets, etc,food that feel better for filling the stomach. These hot snacks were easy to eat too! Don't have to properly sit down, can just munch while we do other work.

But so far I have't found such vending machines yet! Anyway, so I went to search for hot food vending machines online and found some interesting ones around the world!

Cupcake vending machine
Awesome for days when I feel like having sweet cakes! It's not easy to find cupcakes just anywhere lor.

French Fries vending machine
Yes this is just what I need! While we are at it, why not fresh popcorn too?

Banana vending machine
The minions will love this. Haha. Would be better if the bananas are served one piece by one piece instead of the whole bunch.

Lobster vending machine
Not really a vending machine bah. More like those claw toy machines in arcades. Customer can try grabbing a lobster and if they manage to grab one, the chef will cook it for free.

Besides food, vending machines for nail art also exists! People just put their fingers in to have their nails done. Would love to try one! There are also vending machines/kiosk where people can slot a coin in and borrow the hair straightener/curler for their hair. And, there's also a vending machine for you to slot the coin in and watch as glass cups/plates fly down and break. The design of the vending machine is nothing special (the same as normal snack machine), and the purpose is to let people release anger/stress when they hear the shattering sound. Can you believe it?!?!

Back to food, I also found that some schools here have hot meals vending machine. Quite cool lah, but that's only good if there's no real freshly cooked food around the estate. Who would want microwaved horfun if there is hand-cooked one nearby? The idea of a vending machine is for snacks right? Then why got hot meals but no hot snacks?!?!

Now... I wish Mcdonalds vending machine would be widespread around Singapore like 7-Eleven branches. So that I can fufil my McSpicy cravings any time any where. It's so saddening that a McSpicy fan like me have no close (by close I mean walking distance) access to any Mcdonalds branch!

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