Friday, September 20, 2013

K-Palette 24-hour Real Lasting Eyeliner

In the past, I never liked using liquid eyeliner because it is more difficult to apply than "crayon" eyeliners. The first time I used liquid eyeliner, I remember how the black liquid went into my eye and my whole eye-white turned black instantly. It was a scary experience but after that and using it everyday, I gradually fell in love with liquid eyeliner. I finished using my previous liquid eyeliner in awhile and went back to using "crayon" eyeliner. Just as I finished it too (hahaha, I use a lot of eyeliner on my eyes so my eyeliner always run out very fast), K-Palette sent me their REAL LASTING EYELINER.

Isn't the packaging cute? Pastel coloured hearts and ribbon, a limited edition by K-Palette!

Smooth and easy application, intense jet black color, instant-dry liquid, and a very fine tip. Lines drawn using this eyeliner are very defined! What's their best selling point is that this eyeliner is very lasting. No risk of smudging even when I head out from morning till late at night!

The eyeliner is available at Sasa stores ($19.90).

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