Thursday, September 5, 2013

Seoul Yummy

Seoul Yummy is really So Yummy!

Me and bf walked pass Seoul Yummy at Bugis+ Level 4 some time back and saw that there was a promotion set that is quite attractive so we decided to have dinner there!

What is included in the set:
Army Stew (Choice of meat stew or seafood stew)
Assorted side dishes
Multi-grain rice.
Roasted Barley Tea
One choice of appetizer
One choice of dessert

Sounds good right!

Here's a photo of our sides and purple rice. I didn't really like the multi-grain rice because it was tasteless to me. Although this is supposedly healthier, I still prefer white rice or kimchi rice! My favourite side here is the tofu! It's so yums but too bad we were given only such a small thin piece.

Fried Kimchi Dumpling as appetizer. Not bad!

Star dish of the night was the Army Stew, consisting of noodles, meat, vegetable and more. I love it so so so much. I want to have it again!

Thank goodness we upgraded the Korean Barley Tea to Ice Lemon Tea because the former tasted like plain water.

Our choice of dessert is this ice cream swirl on top of fruits on top of ice, as this looked the most magnificent among the other choices. I was so surprised that this is also included in the promotion set as a choice of dessert because usually desserts in promotion sets are like, one slice of watermelon/one scoop of ice cream/ one small cake. But this one is a sweet finishing touch to the meal!

Remember to visit the restaurant early because there is always a queue at dinner time!

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