Sunday, September 22, 2013

W.39 Bistro & Bakery

Weekends are most special to me because it's probably the only time that me and my boyfriend gets to go on a leisure date! We do meet on weekdays but he just brings me home from work. Very seldom we have dinner together during weekdays, so not counted!

One fine weekend, we decided to head to the west with his friend to have dinner at W.39 Bistro & Bakery!

I wore this sweet blue dress which I found in a random stall at Bugis Street. I fell in love with it but didn't buy it at first. After going around other stalls, I finally went back to purchase it as I couldn't get my mind off this piece!

I paired the blue with beige and light tones. Gonna wear it with black accessories next time for a different feel!

Me like the decor of this place! Can you spot me in the photo below?

I feel that the choices on the menu was quite limited, but we finally made our decisions!

I ordered Ice Lemon Tea ($3.50) because I was very thirsty that day and Ice Lemon Tea  is always refreshing. Both of them had the Ribena Lemon Twist ($4.50). I correctly predicted that my bf will definitely order this drink because this was the only "unique" non-alcoholic drink on the menu. . I expected the Ribena Lemon Twist to be lime juice with Ribena, but actually it's a gassy drink of Ribena and Soda. Not bad!

Baked Portobello Mushroom ($10)... It wasn't the kind that we expected, but it tasted not bad lah. However, I do feel that for a casual bistro, it was kinda expensive for 7 tiny chunks.

Cold Cuts ($15.00) consisting of Baguette, German Salami, Chorizo, and Parma Ham. Not my type of food, but probably suitable for those having alcohol with the food! Many tables near us had alcohol to pair with their food and that was probably the main draw of this place.

My favorite chicken wings! It is called Crispy Chicken Winglets with Chilli Dip ($8.50), but it was not really crispy when it arrive on our table. BUT it was very tasty, like prawn paste chicken. Love it!

Confit of Duck Leg, Mash, Aragula Salad ($19.50). I like it! Crispy on the outside and soft inside.

Baked Lamb Ribs, Cucumber Yoghurt Salad, Fries ($24.00). This dish is sooooo good! Fat and oily though, for health-conscious people. But really yums. The salad is actually thin cucumber stripes and yoghurt. Quite interesting, but probably works better as a dip for fried karaage instead of side salad.

Red Velvet Cake ($4.80). I must gush about this!!!! It's probably the best Red Velvet Cake I have ever eaten. This was also what inspired me to make Red Velvet Cake that day and this was what I visioned it be like. The cream between the layers paired well with the soft yummy cake. It was AWESOME.

Bf ordered a Triple Chocolate Cake ($6.80) afterwards. Not bad, but eating a cake like this after having that Red Velvet Cake? Pales in comparison.

Overall I rate W.39 as a place you should visit one day! :D

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