Sunday, November 17, 2013


Nope, I did not spell it the shortcut way. It's really called SPRMRKT! If you are wondering, this cafe is pronounced as Supermarket. So if you work there, you can tell your friends you are working at the Supermarket. Then they will ask you, "as cashier? packer? promoter?". Haha.

They have a different menu every day, so you might want to check out their website before heading over.  I went on a Saturday! It was a good thing we made reservations, because the one we reserved was the only table empty!

Like what the name suggests, apart from a dining area, they also have a retail section.

Fruits & Veggie for sale!

Some food prints~

What I really want to rave about is the food! After visiting so many cafes, I have already accepted the fact that there are just some cafes with lousy food. So whenever one surprises me, I get really happy and satisfied with that day's meal!

While ordering, I was spoilt for choice! I wanted to try almost everything but knew that I have limited stomach space. Finally settled for Smoked Salmon & Eggs, add on mushroom! The whole plate was damn good! One of the best and satisfying brunch dish I have had where every bite was awesome!

Bf initially wanted Beef Sausages & Mash but he might not have said it clearly and ended up with Corned Beef Mash And Poached Eggs. It still looked good and it's something different!

Shoestring fries with paprika seasoning.

For desserts, we had these!

I heard that the bread pudding is quite popular there.

Ending this entry with the mandatory outfit of the day photo. Love my new floral dress! I think that this kind of color and prints suit me best! Wearing matchy beige and green accessories. That sling bag, which I bought for $15 at a flea booth outside Scape, broke within that first day I wore it out :-(

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