Saturday, December 28, 2013

Wild Honey

Finally had a chance to have brunch at Wild Honey after hearing rave reviews about it from my friends! We did not make any reservations, and were told to leave our contact number and wait about 45 minutes. Remember to make reservations when you go!

I had the Eggs Benedict and I love how it is done, very yummy! The bread is too thick and plain though. But if I come here again, very likely I will order the same item!

Also ordered additional side of smoked salmon because I was craving for it!

We were seated in a long table, shared with two other customers.

Although it is quite rude, I love eavesdropping on others' conversations while dining in restaurants. I particularly like to listen to how certain couples talk and think in my mind which stage of relationship they are in. The polite ones that try to impress each other? Probably fresh, still dating and unconfirmed. Those lovey dovey types? Honeymoon stage. And then there are the types like me and my bf, the quiet type. Either too comfortable or hate each other. Haha.

Afterwards, we went to the National Museum for the exhibition - 50 years of television. I am a huge fan of the local TV since I was a kid, so I was quite excited to visit ever since I saw the advertisements for the exhibit.

Always in love with how beautiful our National Museum looks.

I remember how we used to watch old local sitcoms on a television set this size in my parent's bedroom when we were kids. Now, I still watch shows on something small like this, except that it is my laptop instead. Haha.

Check out how pretty Chen Li Ping and handsome Li Nan Xing was in their youths! Perhaps when I am 70+ years old, I will visit 100 Years of Television exhibit and see old photos of the current stars!

Wall of old magazine covers.

Wall of fame. Which characters here do you recognize?

Watching The Journey: A Voyage now! Quite nice!

Saw that there was a Mediacorp Live Auditions going on so we stopped and watched the performances by some of the contestants.

Kinda disappointed that the exhibit is quite small and not very comprehensive though....

We went to Nex to catch a movie afterwards and before that, we had some time for dinner so we settled for simple Hong Kong food. However, I was still full from late lunch and because we were rushing a little for the movie, I didn't quite enjoy the meal although the hotpot was kinda good.

I loveeeeeeeeeeee dates that begin in the day and end at night, filled with lots of activities like this one :)

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