Thursday, December 26, 2013

Steamboat and Crabs

Some time back, Bf brought me along to his family portrait photo shoot and that was the first time I saw him looking suave in a formal suit. Haha. After the session, he brought his mum to Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant at Ion for lunch and I want to share this place with you all!

There were two pairs of chopsticks set for each person. One for raw food and one for cooked food. I felt that such an arrangement is quite thoughtful and hygiene.

First, we were given 12 types of sauce and condiments to pour into our own saucer before it is taken away. These are charged at $2 per pax. Not sure if it is compulsory, because everyone at my table was charged even though I did not take any at all.

We selected two pots. One was traditional pork bone soup ($15) while another is chicken soup ($15). The soup was the highlight. Not too sure about the chicken soup, but the pork bone soup was AWESOME. It was thick, flavorful and very good. I am craving for it right now as I type! The soup itself is enough to make me want to go back for some more. The udon is also super nice and bouncy and unlike any other udon I have had before!

Of course, I had to have pork belly slices when having steamboat!

Quite disappointed at the tofu, because I was expecting the smoother and softer type of chinese tofu. Personal preference.

Order two baskets of assorted vegetables as we are not sure which type to order.

We had a staff all to ourselves to attend to our food and needs. The service from the guy serving us was prompt and good, although another staff who took our orders was much less smiley and forget 1-2 of our orders.

We ordered drunken chicken ($20 per dish) and was told it is half a chicken. However, when it came, we felt that it looked more like quarter chicken and ordered another portion. However, I would not recommend this dish because after pouring everything into the soup, our yummy soup taste is gone and replaced by strong wine soup :-(

Total bill came up to almost $240. It was considered pricey as we did not eat a lot. However, I would come back again because of the soup, fresh food, clean and quiet environment. Also with the aircon, we could eat steamboat without feeling stuffy. The ventilation was also good enough that we did not come out of the restaurant stinky. I highly recommend this place for comfortable steamboat!

Afterwards, we went for some shopping and as the queue at Krispy Kreme was short, we went to get some for our families. After trying almost all the flavours, I think my favourite is still the original glaze.

Wearing off shoulder lilac dress from! It comes in other colours as well :)

Paired with this bag from, which came with a special top opening. Love this bag to bits! So pretty!

Afterwards, I joined my family, aunts, uncles and grandparents for my grandfather's birthday dinner! What a feast!

The crab was huge, even the "paws" was bigger than ones' palms.

There really isn't any point to this entry except that I am really craving the steamboat and huge crab now!

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