Friday, December 20, 2013


70% of the time I take a taxi, I get annoyed by the taxi driver. So whenever I get to have a peaceful good ride from a polite driver during the other 30% of the time, I am especially thankful and happy.

Here's my list of Taxi Driver Pet Peeves inspired by those 70% of the time.

1. Those who don't know their directions.

When I was a kid, I remembered that all taxi drivers knew their routes. I was extremely impressed at how they know where everywhere was, and thought that they had to learn it in taxi school and had to know before they could graduate and get their taxi driver licence. But these days, I get plenty of taxi drivers who do not know their way at all!

I understand if some are not clear about the smaller or ulu roads, but I have even met some that needed me to guide at every turn throughout the WHOLE 25 minutes journey!!! I had to switch on my own GPS on my phone to direct him. What if I was a tourist? Or if it was my first time to my destination and I don't know which turn to take? Then I pay more for the taxi to turn round and round and round and let the meter go on and on and on until we find the place?

I think all taxi drivers should have GPS installed in their car. Or they can take the initiative to use the free map apps on their smartphones. Or, check the street directory book like all old taxi drivers used to do. I hardly ever see them use it anymore. Now they just expect the passengers to spoonfeed them. 

2. Those that argue back.

Some taxi drivers obviously took the longer route, and then still had the cheek to be rude and argue that it's the same when I point it out! Excuse me uncle, how would I not be familiar with the area around my house? Afterwards, I even went to check the map and indeed the route was longer. Wouldn't be so pissed if the driver just said sorry (or kept quiet) for taking the wrong way instead of arguing for his own mian-zi (face).

3. Slow like snail

I encourage safe driving, but some drive at a ridiculously slow speed on clear road, even on expressways!!! Some chose to follow behind a huge slow truck when there are many other clear lanes which they can turn to. And they are slow and blur at everything. Slow reaction, slow at stopping the car, slow at taking money, slow at finding change -_-"

4. Chatty types

Omg, I super hate to entertain cab drivers, especially when I am not in the mood or just had a tired day! Some ask really stupid questions and I feel rude if I do not answer. Some people probably like friendly, talkative types but nope, not for me.

5. Those that repeatedly ask which way you want to go

I already said "Anything" cos I probably don't know the way........ so stop discussing about the different routes with me, and forcing me to make a choice -_-

6. Those that fart/burp/sneeze non-stop

7. Those that drop you off somewhere convenient to them and make you walk a long way

I've met some that drop me off some 100metres away from my destination because they refuse to be caught into a jam. I'm okay if you asked and I'm agreeable, but not okay when you force me to walk that distance when I'm in heels and carrying heavy stuff.

8. Those that continue driving for 20 metres before stopping when I say stop

All for that 20 cents? Uncle, I don't mind giving you the extra 20 cents if you drop me off at the exact spot I wanted. Dropping me off 20 metres away means I have to walk all the way back!

9. Those that keep jerking/braking the car every few metres

Hello, know how to drive one or not? I always feel nauseous in such cars!

10. Those that are just rude for no reason

Those that keep argue and argue and argue or complain and complain and complain. Attitude problem. Sigh.

I can't think of any other traits at the moment but I know the list will grow. What are some pet peeves you have with taxi drivers? What's your favorite kind?

My perfect taxi driver would be someone who is:
1. Polite
2. Quiet
3. Smooth-driving skills
4. Drive at reasonable speed
5. Know directions, better if know all the shortcuts
6. Everything opposite of my pet peeves

I have met nice taxi drivers who talk, but know when to stop. I have met nice ones who are willing to wait for me while I withdraw cash or buy food. When a driver is nice, it makes me really happy and in turn I would want to be extra nice to them too. Not all taxi drivers are like what I described above, only some. But every time I am running late, I confirm kena one that is blur + slow + don't know the directions one. Maybe it's just my luck.

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