Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The King Louis - Home Edition

Early Christmas dinner with my family at home last week, hosted by the kind folks at The King Louis again! Previously we always go to their restaurant at Vivocity, but this time they brought the food to our place! It was for their latest takehome set for Christmas, which I will elaborate about later!

Dad did not manage to join us for the previous sessions, so this time he finally got to try The King Louis' feast!

The takehome set also comes with a bottle of wine, perfect for little Christmas gatherings with some close friends or family.

The magnificent spread includes wine, salad, appetizers, and a large platter of meats and sides. Mouth-watering indeed! Sauces for the meat was prepared separately, so that the food will not be soggy when arrived.

My favourite was the Queen Pullet and Pork Ribs!

Everything came in this big sturdy and heavy box. The individual items were packed in smaller boxes and neatly placed inside, so no worries about spillage! Plus, the food came warm so everyone can tuck in immediately upon arrival, though if you want to heaten up the food for your guests it's fine too.

It's quite good cos it means we do not have to do too much preparation work for our guests on Christmas, when you just want to rest and enjoy the gathering, while still having good food! Totally fuss free!

But if you are particular, you can actually take out the food and place them on nice plates like this poster below! For more information on the Takehome set, visit! 15% off if you book early :)

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