Wednesday, December 4, 2013


“Cherish every living moment because the next day is not a guaranteed deal. ”

I'm afraid of death and I would like to live forever if that is possible. The possibility of nothingness scares me so much.

I've heard too many stories of sudden losses. If only everyone is entitled to live forever and if only there isn't anything such as fatal diseases or permanent accident injuries. It would be a better world if all injury and pain is only temporary! In an ideal world, only those that commit suicide can leave this place and those who want to live, lives forever.

To prevent an act of rashness, anyone who wants to commit suicide does so by checking into a asylum. Within 5 years at any time this person regrets, doors are open to return to the world. If after 5 years and this person is still miserable, then ok goodbye.

So anyway, I have been leading a mundane life recently. I want so much more, but I guess I should learn to be contented with what I already have instead of always thinking about what I don't have.

At least I can afford a nice meal for myself at my favourite Japanese sushi place. I remember some time back while I was still paying my university loan, my bank account was always hovering around low double digits or even single digit sometimes. I should be contented!

This was on the day I did my nails! Bf wasn't available in the afternoon so I shopped around Bugis alone. In fact, I was quite sad that he arrived in advance to pick me up cos I haven't finished my shopping!

We went to check out the new Suntec City Mall!

The bag is from HURS. At first I thought it might be too small but amazingly it's quite spacious inside! I can put in my camera, makeup pouch, and mobile phone! The material is quite sturdy too. I love shopping at HURS because almost everything is 2 for $30, very affordable for trendy bags and accessories!

Photo with bf cos the lighting is good. Haha.

We walked around and realize that the mall is still undergoing renovations and still quite boring actually. However, the area around the fountain of wealth is bustling with many restaurants! We walked one round and was spoiled for choice for dinner.

Bf decides that we shall have desserts before dinner! The desserts at All Things Nice look too tempting!

I had 'All Things Mango', which is actually like ice kachang except with mango toppings. I wish Mango Ice is more common in Singapore!

Bf had hot yam paste in coconut husk. Looks good! Taste is only so-so though.

After that, we had a simple dinner at Paradise Inn.

Yummy hotplate tofu! Love it!

Coffee pork ribs. I don't really like the coffee flavour, though the meat texture was chewy and good.

Ordered steam fish. My fave! I love steamfish but I don't get to eat it often :-( Sadly the fish was not up to standard that day.

That's all for this entry!

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