Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Tiramisu Hero

My memory is so bad to the point that I am currently relying on my postings on Dayre to write this entry. Haha. I have no idea why, but my memory has been deteriorating rapidly over the past years and I definitely do not have the kind of good memory that a young person supposedly should have. At work, I have to write down every single to-do on my list because if I don't, 90% of the time I won't be able to remember. And, if you ask me what's on my to-do list, I cannot tell you what it is unless I look at the list. Haha.

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So anyway, I went to The Tiramisu Hero with bf! If you are an avid reader of the local blogosphere, you will know that this new cafe is set up by blogger Peggy Chang.

Hand-drawn artwork on the walls and ceilings which makes the place look very cute! Very impressed with their efforts!

I had my usual cafe latte while bf had milk with honey or honey with milk. Can't remember what it was (because I didn't note this down on Dayre. Haha. Instead, I Dayre-d this: My bf frowns at the slightest thing. Perhaps I should sponsor Botox for his Xmas gift so that he can't frown anymore. Hah!)

This was eggs and bacon and mushroom. Quite yummy I must say!

I feel that the food offered here is quite unlike the usual anyhow-type from hip-cafes and they all have some standard in the taste and uniqueness of their food creations! Thumbs up!

I enjoyed my baked cheesy chicken very much! The portion was quite big too! Me like! Hahaha.

Bf's creamy salmon and asparagus which was good too.

As we are at The Tiramisu Hero, of course we must have Tiramisu for desserts right? We had the original one in a cup cake with a cute face!

Bf chose one in a jar with milo flavour. Love their tiramisu!

You can visit them at: 121 Tyrwhitt Road Singapore 207548

And, how can I leave without taking a photo with Sir Antonio?! Haha. This shall be my OOTD photo for this entry lah! While taking this photo, I changed afew poses and afterwards bf asked if I can see him while inside, I said no, then he ask how come my timing so accurate. Lol. That's exactly what went through my head while being inside Sir Antonio's head. "How to know if he took the photo already??" 

Necklace from! Love this design!

Ok lah, here's a real OOTD pic. Although also without my face. Haha.

Afterwards we went for some shopping at Orchard and I FELL DOWN. I guess the onlookers were just thinking, "Serves her right! Who ask her to wear such a high heel!" T_T

The fall was worth it, because it happened outside this store selling hp screen protectors and the staff was willing to cut and paste for my camera! Finally ended my long search!

Then, we went to watch 3 peas in a pod. After the movie, the moment bf switched on the car radio, it was the movie's theme song. Haha so coincidental!

For dinner, we went to one of my favourite ramen place!

I don't usually buy enough items in a day to post a shopping haul photo but that day I did! Bought over 50 pcs of facemask, eyelash glue, washi tape for my camera, a piece of floral denim jacket, and iPhone covers which only costed 6 for $5!!! Happy with my buys although I haven't started using any of the items in this photo except the eyelash glue :x

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