Tuesday, November 12, 2013

TVB Dramas worth checking out

I recently finished watching 巨輪 Brother's Keeper and I can't stop raving about it. Loved the script, the pace, and everything!

It's a story about two brothers, from kids to mature adults and how their lives and characters evolved over the years. The downfall of one, and the rising of another.

For those who have already watched the show, I want to share some of my thoughts! I must say Ruco Chan is such a good emotion actor! I felt myself rooting for his character 'Sam' throughout his ups and downs. Although he is a flawed character (just like everyone), I believed that he was a good man overall. His downfall happened because of his greed to achieve (mainly for the people he love) but unfortunately he always use the "shortcut and unethical" way. His ultimate downfall happened because of the lack of love and support he received from people he loved and support throughout the times they needed him. Sam went all out for his girlfriend (he really loved her ALOT, even after they separated) and brother, but these were the same people who gave up hope and trust on him when he needed them. Have they forgotten what he went through to help them in the past? So ungrateful! Only his mother and good friend Mandy stood by him through everything and he is lucky to have them. I'm very pleased with the ending by the way! On one hand I really want Sam to end up with the girl he loved for so long, but on the other hand I really feel that this girl does not deserve him. She simply only likes him during his good times and was quick to judge the worst of him at his down points. Oh well.

(I like this song, though it's not the theme song of this drama)

Here's a list of my favourite ones in recent years.

巨輪 Brother's Keeper
戀愛季節 Season of love (3rd Part - Autumn's story)
初五启市录 The Day Of Days

大太監 The Confidant
回到三國 Three Kingdoms RPG
耀舞長安 House of Harmony and Vengeance
護花危情 Witness Insecurity
名媛望族 Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles

萬凰之王 Curse of the Royal Harem

巾幗梟雄之義海豪情 No Regrets
掌上明珠 Sisters of Pearl

宮心計 Beyond the Realm of Conscience

银楼金粉 The Silver Chamber of Sorrows

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