Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Purer Skin Symphony Set

Remember how I raved over Purer Skin's miracle serum some months back?

It impressed me so much that I was ecstatic when I received this big box from Purer Skin.

It contains four products from the range: Creme Cleanser, Clarifying Toner, Miracle Serum and Night Recovery, to be used in this sequence. From what I know, Purer Skin farms their own bird nest and they use a high concentration of liquefied bird nest in these products. Thus, applying these allow our skin to absorb the beauty qualities of bird nest.

I hate eating Bird Nest but one cannot deny the benefits of bird nest to one's skin and beauty, so I am very happy to apply it on my skin!

Actually, these arrived at my doorstep a long time back but I did not manage to try these products because I was suffering from sudden breakouts and I didn't want to agitate the skin. After my skin cleared up about a week ago, I started on a whole new skin care regime with Purer Skin. Love it so far! My favorite product in this range is the Miracle Serum which instantly reduces fine lines on my skin and "shine up" my face. I also love the Night Recovery cream because I like how easy it is to use! Just apply, go to sleep, and wake up with radiant skin! Perfect for lazy people like me!

The set is available at Watsons if you are keen. Lets have pretty skin together!

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