Monday, November 4, 2013

Bunny Nails

Had more time than usual that day at the salon, so I decided to do something cute to my nails! After looking at some photos online for inspiration, we did some customization and the manicurists at Millys did this set of Bunny nails for me!

Love the pastel combination of light green, pink and white! It feels very candy-like and sweet! The bunnies are so cute too!

I highly recommend Gelish at Millys! One, it's really affordable at Millys. Two, it only takes at most 3 minutes for it to "dry"! No more waiting at the salon staring into space waiting for the polish to dry! Three, the Gelish is of good quality and it usually last me from 3 weeks to more than a month without chipping at all. You wouldn't want the pretty designs and efforts of your manicurists to be wasted so quickly!

Check out for more information on the nail services! Millys also offers hair and lash extensions. Millys is highly recommended by many other bloggers too! For appointment, call 63384137 (Bugis branch) and 67376723 (Far East Plaza branch).

Any idea what design I should do next?

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