Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween at the Office!

How was Halloween this year for you? Halloween usually reminds me of night out clubbing with sexy nurses/policewomen/devils/angels/etc but this year is a tame one for me!

My office organized a little Halloween party and it turned out so much fun!

I made this simple headband to wear with a normal black outfit so that I still look like I dressed up without looking too over! It's actually just a spike headband, attached with cat ears that I cut out with black cardboard! Should have used glue instead of staple though. Lol.

The night before, I prepared some Halloween goodies! Besides creating little ghostly lollipops by wrapping lollipops with crepe paper, I also cut little horns for mini muffins!

And witch bloody fingers! They look so ugly! Lol.

The next day at the office, we had a Halloween Best Dressed Individual and Best Department contest! My team decided to pool all our resources to decorate just one of our rooms!

The outside:

The whole day when I wanted to go into the room to do work, I had to bend down my head! Lol. And the ladder, we decided to use it as a prop after using it to hang up our spiderwebs!

The theme we came up with was "Murder Scene in a haunted witch house". Haha.

Inside the room:

Actually my desk is already very messy on its own even if we didn't decorate it! Webbed wings on my screen.

Life size bloodied corpse which my colleague created! It's so creepy! We then switched off the lights, projected spooky images on the wall, and played scary music. The ambiance was really there!! Can you believe I worked in this kind of environment that day??

I did this and placed it at the side of the door!

The rest of the company dressed up too! Lots of effort!

The department that won was really good! They switched off the lights, lowered the temperature until freezing cold, dressed up as chinese vampires with yellow paper stuck on their forehead, and sat infront of green screens on their phone. When we peeped into their room, it was super dark and cold with just green-faced vampires working inside. Haha everyone exclaimed got the scary feel!

Another department downstairs had coffins and candles and juon. Creepy also!

Some other halloween food prepared by my colleagues. Bloodshot Eyeballs!

And worms in sand which nobody wants to eat. Hahahaha.

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