Wednesday, October 30, 2013


That night, I was contemplating between watching videos on Youtube or blogging. In the end, I did neither because I discovered an awesome shopping site which got me hooked for hours!

SINGSALE, a part of APACSALE group, the largest shopping club in Australia, is a leading members-only online shopping club offering savings of up to 80% off the biggest global brands!

I immediately signed up as member (free!) and was pleased to see SO MANY brands on sale! There is a wide variety of products ranging from Ladieswear, Childrenswear, Menswear, Homewear, Toys, Health & Beauty, Footwear and Accessories, offering up to 100,000 different styles online at any one time! Now you know why I spent so much time on the site!

Everything is sorted according to type of product and brand, so the shopping process is easy peasy~! Plus, with so many different designs available, everyone can find something suitable in SINGSALE! In addition to apparels, there are also plenty of pretty lifestyle products like wall decor, kitchenware, and gift sets!

SINGSALE also has an application that can be downloaded on to your smartphone to allow for easy shopping on the go!

See the adorable teacup and cake tier I added to my cart!

I do feel that the app is really useful especially on days when I'm too busy to even access the site on the desktop! I can shop while travelling to and fro my destinations, which was what I did today! Another reason why I quickly downloaded the app is because SINGSALE will be holding a Flash Frenzy, the biggest online shopping event ever for 3 days only starting on Nov 2nd 2013!

Every hour, SINGSALE will be launching with new sales with discounts up to 80%, featuring over 150 BIG brand names such as Coach, Nike, Revlon, OPI, Emporio Armani, French Connection, Bally, Hugo Boss, Pumpkin Patch, Marc Jacobs, Puma, Diesel and lots more! Download the app so that you get notifications whenever there's an update!

This online sale event is going to happen across the entire APACSALE group, across 4 continents, including SINGSALE. And, SINGSALE is giving away 100 units of SGD10 shopping vouchers for you readers!

Enter this code upon checkout to redeem the discount!

Now.... I can't wait for my purchases to arrive!


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